The Premier One Hundred Percent Commission Model Brokerage in New York City

At R New York, there is one thing that we’ve always prided ourselves in. It’s hiring the best talent in commercial and residential real estate in New York City. To do that, we’ve built an ecosystem that reflects that opportunity. The best agents know that they’re fully responsible for the business they create and nurture, and that’s why we have a system in place that pays them 100% of the commission. No ands, ifs or buts. Every agent deserves their full share, and high commission splits aren’t enough, unless it’s the entire piece of the pie. We realize that New York City real estate agents and brokers really want 100% commissions, so why not give it to them?

How do 100% commissions benefit real estate agents?

Quite simply, when an agent gets a larger split commission, they bring home more money. Agents often hop from brokerage to brokerage seeking higher splits. For instance, an agent may have started their career at a brokerage that has a 50/50 split, only to make their way to brokerage that gives them a 65% split. Brokerages claim they need all the money to pay for operations, upkeep and training. That’s hard-earned money straight from an agent’s commission check.

We’ve redesigned the experience for agents by offering free education, tools and access to all necessary technology platforms to be competitive in the NYC real estate market. We do this all by taking absolutely nothing off the table. We give agents 100% of the commission they earn. Best of all, we pay the commission on the exact same day!

So imagine this. You’re an agent who just closed on a deal. You can bring that check straight to the office, and we cut you a check right then and there. 100% your deal. 100% your pay. 100% commission. You read it right. One hundred percent commission! It’s all yours, and we still offer you all the resources all the other brokerages offer you.

Bigger commission checks means more opportunity to create financial opportunity for yourself. More savings. More travel. More anything you can put your mind to. You’re in control of your real estate business, and we are there to fully support you.

How do 100% commissions benefit clients?

Our agents aren’t scraping by. They get paid. They are the utmost professionals and the best in the business. When you know that your agent is earning the highest commission split in New York City, then you should rest assured that our agents will always treat you with full integrity and honesty. They are truly vested in your success and building a long term relationship with you. They won’t be rushing you into a deal you are uncomfortable with pursuing. When we hire the best, you get the best. The best deserve their full commission and nothing less. The best don’t get paid 50/50. They don’t get paid 65/35 or even a generous 75/25. They get paid a full 100%, the highest split there is.

Why do 100% commissions benefit R New York?

We know that offering the best commission model in NYC attracts the best agents. When we have the best agents, we are able to better serve our valuable clients. It’s as simple as that. We built our business on repeat clients, and we know that when our clientele gets treated well, they’ll come back and even refer others. When we give it all back to our agents, we know they’re always going to be working hard for their clients, and that’s what we’re all about.

Do all agents get all 100% of the commissions?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro with hundreds of deals under your belt or just getting started. One hundred percent for everyone. High commission splits for all agents. So what are you waiting for?

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